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RedAnts CarSystems GmbH

Quality assurance for the automotive industry

RedAnts CarSystems GmbH Leipzig (Saxony) is your partner for the special finishing of components, testing of surfaces according to specification, metal testing, car body construction (steel and aluminum), engineering and also paint smart repair and dent repair technology. Our staff are available whenever and wherever you need them, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We support you quickly and reliably with our core competencies.


Ameise mit Lupe RedAnts

At our locations we guarantee you the shortest response times and effective personnel management. Our service is exclusively carried out according to customer specifications and the corresponding inspection or operating instructions. All our operations are fully documented on each working day. Furthermore, we will gladly provide you with long-term analysis and defect analysis.

Messung und Kontrolle von Werkzeug


The acquisition of Quality Gates to conduct quality checks are of course one of our strengths. We carry out quality assurance checks according to your specifications. 


Nacharbeit und Entgratung


The finishing of components is one of our main tasks. The detailed removal of “burrs”, and also the precise finishing of forms are routine and are part of our specialities.


Kontrolle und Messung am Endprodukt


The checking of components for quality and condition according to specification is one of our standard tasks. The classification of potential defects according to defect class in quality management is standard.



With our specially trained staff, we take care on site of all quality-related issues according to your requirements. We represent your interests with your own customers. Through the set-up of a Q-firewall at your suppliers, we ensure the delivery of 100% defect free parts.

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